About Us

Our Mission

Wildwood Nature School serves children and families with quality early childhood education based on current research and best practices in childhood psychology, cognition, and learning.

Our Philosophy

At Wildwood Nature School, we believe that:

  • Children learn best through play.  According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, play in an enriching environment helps children become successful learners.  Through play, they develop social competency, memory, language, and mathematical skills crucial to later school success.
  • Preschools can be both developmental and academic.  By ensuring that goals and activities are appropriate to each individual child’s abilities and needs, teachers challenge them to grow in a creative, multi-disciplinary direction.
  • Optimal learning occurs when children are interested and motivated.  Wildwood Nature School  borrows child-focused methods of Waldorf, Montessori, and  the schools of Reggio Emilia to adapt the curriculum to each group of children.
  • Early learning is interdisciplinary.  For a young child, cognitive, physical, and emotional development are interrelated.  Wildwood Nature School develops the whole child with experiences combining art, science, language, literacy, emotional growth, math, and movement.
  • Children learn side by side with each other and adults in a supportive “family” of explorers.  The multiage setting allows children to learn through observations and interactions.
  • Teachers are reflective learners alongside the children.

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