Developmental Goals

Each child’s progress is documented in a portfolio of photographs, quotes, work samples, and teacher observations that shows growth from the time they enter Wildwood Nature School to the day they leave.  Along with individual goals, each child’s time at Wildwood Nature School should show progress in the following domains:

Social-Emotional Competency

  • Strong sense of self, including physical characteristics, likes and dislikes, accomplishments, and skills.
  • Uses words and actions to show understanding of and concern for others’ feelings.
  • Acknowledges diversity and values each person’s role within a community.
  • Problem solves with adult guidance.
  • Plays cooperatively with all children and develops friendships with peers.
  • Uses socially responsible methods for self-regulation and impulse control.

Linguistic Competency

  • Comprehends stories and discussions about things not experienced directly.
  • Provides explanations that can be comprehended by a non-participating adult.
  • Follows instructions.
  • Has extended conversations and dialogues.
  • Demonstrates pre-reading skills, such as, emergent writing, letters and letter sounds, concepts of print, and a love of books.

Cognitive Competency

  • Shows curiosity about the environment, classmates, and new situations.
  • Plays with or combines materials in new and inventive ways.
  • Self-selects activities according to interest or learning goals.
  • Shows persistence.
  • Remembers and retells stories and events.
  • Demonstrates cause and effect.
  • Thinks strategically and logically.
  • Demonstrates mathematical understanding including, classification, number sense, measurement, and patterns.

Physical Competency

  • Demonstrates gross motor control.
  • Demonstrates fine motor control.
  • Shows balance and coordinated movement.

Quote Sonia Cipolla and Evelina Reverberi

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