A Typical Day

A typical day at Wildwood Nature School includes:

  • Self-guided exploration

    A generous amount of time for self-guided exploration and experimentation, both indoors and out.
  • Teacher-led group time
    The teachers take great care in creating a welcoming indoor environment designed to enable children’s growth across cognitive, social/emotional, linguistic, and physical domains.
  • Individualized instruction

    Materials and activities are tailored to the current group of students and change as the children’s needs change.
  • Outdoor play – rain or shine
    Children need to be dressed for the weather as each class spends a block of time outside each day, rain or shine.  Outdoor activities include a play structure, sand box, water play, messy art, gardening, and gross motor toys (balls, hula hoops, balance beams).
  • Self-selected play

    Classroom centers include block play, dramatic play, two- and three-dimensional art, sensory play, natural collections, reading, and science.
  • Teacher-led indoor and outdoor group explorations
    Children participate in teacher-led group explorations both inside and outside.  Indoor circles always include a story and are a time for focused instruction on any educational subject – math, reading, art, music, Spanish, science, social studies, physical movement – or combination of subjects.  Outdoor group activities include cooperative games, nature trail hikes, gardening, and gross motor development.  Group lessons usually end with time for individual exploration guided by a teacher.
  • Healthy vegetarian snack
    A healthy, vegetarian snack is prepared on-site each day, often with the children’s assistance.  The entire class sits together to enjoy the meal, including teachers and visiting parents.  Meals are served family-style to encourage conversation, self-help skills, healthy choices, and community.

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